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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Book Review] Penunggu Puncak Ancala

Penunggu Puncak AncalaPenunggu Puncak Ancala by Acen Trisusanto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Opening: This book is not really recommended for you who just want to start adventure as hiker, unless you are brave enough. Seriously, the horror stories in this anthology are scaryyy, especially the illustrations!! ><

From all stories, the most I like is the 'Pendaki Gelap' one and the story about 'Ary Hartanto from Surabaya'. Imagine how can you hike a mountain with someone that actually isn't from 'our world'. Especially Ary Hartanto, where the author talked to him, discuss things with him, then when reached the peak author finally knows that the one that he hiked the mount with apparently isn't a 'live' person. What the...?!

Overall I really like all stories in this book. If I had to choose the least I like, maybe I would say the story with third-person-view. Because in the book talkshow before all author said that these are their own experience, so telling it in third-person-view is really makes the 'own-experience' feeling fades.

But overall I really like this anthology. :D

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