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Writing Projects

Stories I wrote, fantasy and non-fantasy, English and Indonesian. Many of my stories will be in cell phone novel format. For better understanding of cell phone novel, read here. Anyway, happy reading! :]


* Phantasweets [Fantasy | Romance] Summary: Kumpulan cerpen-cerpen fantasi sederhana yang manis yang ditulis oleh Ryby yang diikutkan pada lomba-lomba cerbul Kastil Fantasi di Goodreads. Di setiap awal cerita akan dipaparkan lomba bulan apa cerpen tersebut diikutkan. Read for free here: [site]

Cell Phone Novels

Two-Dimensional Girl [Completed] [Fantasy | Romance] (English cell phone novel). Summary: This story tells about a girl who comes from a virtual world. She is character in a visual novel game, yet she falls in love with a boy who bought her. The story written in poetic style, with tragic air and cliffhanger in every chapter. Read for free here: [site | mobile] [rate on].
Real Life Boy [In-progress] [Fantasy | Romance] (English cell phone novel). Summary: The story tells us about a boy who lost trust in humans because his broken family. Then he meets a girl he loves, who actually is a character from game he bought. This is sequel of Two-Dimensional Girl. Read for free here:  [site | mobile]
The Talks [In-progress] [Fantasy | Slice of Life] (English cell phone novel). Summary: Imagine that there is a world where human live in cities with high surrounding walls. Monsters are outside the cities. Only skilled people can go outside. As for kids, they need to attend special schools to learn combat skills. This is a story of slice of life about a boy named Ralph Cardoza who attends Clavages High School as a freshman. As the school life goes, he will meet new and old friends in this school. The story written in only dialogues; from conversations to letters, from whispers to shouts. Read for free here: [site | mobile]

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